Assessment Diversity

5: Self-Evaluation

Pattern Name

ASSESSMENT DIVERSITY (Bergin et al., 2015a, p. 10)

Pattern Language

Assessment-Driven Course Design – Fair Play Patterns



Active Role



To consider various learning modalities and the fact that student react differently to assessment instruments, a variety of assessment instruments should be used (Bergin et al., 2015a, p. 10f.)

Example for Technological Support

In ATS2020, instruments like reflective sentence starters (, Slide 14), Rubrics, Online questionnaires etc. are used.


Bergin, J., Kohls, C., Köppe, C., Mor, Y., Portier, M., Schümmer, T., & Warburton, S. (2015a). Assessment-Driven Course Design – Fair Play Patterns. In Proceedings of the 22nd Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (p. 25). The Hillside Group. Retrieved from

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