Pattern Name

REFLECTION (Bergin, Eckstein, Manns, & Wallingford, 2001, p. 8)

Pattern Language

Patterns For Gaining Different Perspectives


Document and reflect learning process

Active Role



The knowledge, skills and competence of the teacher are limited. Student need to gain trust into their own competence in solving problems. Therefore, students discover the problem and find answers for themselves. Teachers support reflection through asking students how they could apply in everyday life what they have learned (Bergin et al., 2001, p. 8).

Example for Technological Support

Students can compare self-perception and received feedback and reflect on it. Teachers could support this process through commenting on student’s artefacts. In other virtual learning environments, online presentation/collection tools like SWAY or PADLET can take up this function.


Bergin, J., Eckstein, J., Manns, M. L., & Wallingford, E. (2001). Patterns for Gaining Different Perspectives. In Proceedings of PLoP 2001 (Vol. 2001). Allerton Park, Illinois. Retrieved from

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