Release Your Thought

Pattern Name

RELEASE YOUR THOUGHT (Iba, Miyake, Naruse, & Yotsumoto, 2009, p. 18)

Pattern Language

A Pattern Languages for Active Learners


This patterns supports the phases “3: Developing learning strategies” and “4: Document and reflect learning process”

Active Role

The student has an active role in this pattern.


If learners are stuck in the learning process, they look for others (peers, teachers, parents,..) to talk to and explain their ideas/problems. Learners use the reactions and FEEDBACK to their ideas/problems for the next steps in their learning process (Iba et al., 2009, p. 22).

Example for Technological Support

Opening a new thread in a forum can help to explain an idea and to share what students are working on to collect FEEDBACK. Additionally, students can be encouraged to share their ePortfolios with peers to stimulate discussion and ideas.


Iba, T., Miyake, T., Naruse, M., & Yotsumoto, N. (2009). Learning Patterns: A Pattern Language for Active Learners. In Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP). Retrieved from

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