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  • Title - a very short description
  • Narrative - a general description of the use case in educational terms
    • Title - a very short description
    • Provided by - author, institution, etc.
    • Pedagogy/Type of learning - case based, problem based, individualized linear, etc.
    • Description/Context - idem
    • Learning objectives - idem
    • Roles - the various participants, such as student, tutor, assessor, etc.
    • Different types of learning content used - local texts, internet pages, multimedia DVDs
    • Different types of learning services/facilities/tools used - external expert, groupware
    • Learning activity workfolw - how Actors/Content/Services interact
    • Scenarios - e.g. the same content may be used for face-to-face and distance learning
    • Other needs/Specific requirements - e.g. accessibility, specific target groups, etc.
  • Primary Actor - student in student led learning, teacher in teacher led situations
  • Scope - runtime systems involved in the delivery
  • Level - description of the level of complexity
  • Stakeholders and Interests - a discussion of the roles and their respective responsibilities
  • Preconditions - a specification of what is needed in order to provide the student with learning experiences
  • Minimal Guarantees - role specific preconditions
  • Sucess Guarantees - role specific demands for the learning experience to be successful
  • Extensions - various failure scenarios