Pattern Name

ADOPT-AN-ARTIFACT (Eckstein, Bergin, Sharp, & Manns, 2002b, p. 14)

Pattern Language

Patterns for Active Learning


Document and reflect learning process

Active Role



Students need to understand different perspectives how to solve a problem. Therefore, students improve and extend artefacts from peers instead of their own (Eckstein, Bergin, Sharp, & Manns, 2002b, p. 14).

Example for Technological Support

Digital artefacts can be easily copied, remixed, changed, improved and shared – provided the owner of the artefacts allows it.


Eckstein, J., Bergin, J., Sharp, H., & Manns, M. L. (2002b). Patterns for Active Learning. In Proceedings of PloP 2002 (Vol. 2002). Allerton Park, Illinois. Retrieved from

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