Peer Feedback

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Pattern Name

PEER FEEDBACK (Eckstein, Bergin, Sharp, & Manns, 2002a, p. 9)

Pattern Language

Feedback Patterns


This pattern is applicable to all phases of the ATS2020 learning model.

Active Role

The pattern was originally written for teachers, but it also could be used by students if the pattern was adapted accordingly.


Teachers want students not only to learn how to ACT ON FEEDBACK but also how to give FEEDBACK. Therefore, they invite students to evaluate their peers’ artefacts (Eckstein, Bergin, Sharp, & Manns, 2002a, p. 9).

Example for Technological Support

In many learning environments and ePortfolio spaces, like Mahara, it is possible to establish groups so students can work with their peers in groups (Ghoneim, n.d.). In their discussion group they can easily share their artefacts and discuss them.


Eckstein, J., Bergin, J., Sharp, H., & Manns, M. L. (2002a). Feedback Patterns. In Proceedings of EuroPLoP 2002. Konstanz: Universitätsverlag Konstanz. Retrieved from

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